THE TRUTH ABOUT BEING DEBT FREE | What We've Learned After 5 Years (Dave Ramsey Inspired)

Published on March 31, 2021

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Our debt free journey began 8 years ago. We’ve been living debt free for the past five after doing our debt free scream on the Dave Ramsey show in 2015.

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We’re technically millennials, so I guess that would make us debt free millennials. But the thing about being debt free is that, while it’s easy to think it’s the end goal financially, becoming debt free is actually not the end goal. The end goal, at least for us, is financial freedom. Independence. The ability to do whatever we want, when we want, and not have to worry about how much it costs (to a certain extent).

Right now, even though we’re debt free, we still have bills to pay. Rent, utilities, food, insurance, clothing, etc. Our end goal is to create a series of income sources (both passive income from investments, and online income) so we can cover all of our necessary expenses from the interest our investments make, and have fun with the online income. Or we may reverse that. We’re still figuring it out.


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Can You Live Debt Free

Can You Live Debt Free, THE TRUTH ABOUT BEING DEBT FREE | What We've Learned After 5 Years (Dave Ramsey Inspired).

3 Must Do Ideas To End Up Being Debt Free

The later is the one that has actually no collateral attached to it. This is the greatest benefit of debt settlement. Not all financial obligations can get approved for Debt Elimination.

THE TRUTH ABOUT BEING DEBT FREE | What We've Learned After 5 Years (Dave Ramsey Inspired), Play trending reviews about Can You Live Debt Free.

Get Another Debt To Be Debt Free

There are 2 forms of debt, and some extremely reliable ways to eliminate them. Chapter 7 insolvency involves liquidation however there is more to it than that. Furthermore, it is causing a challenge on Americans.

It’s simple to come up with a list of factors (reasons actually) regarding why you can’t attain monetary freedom and live debt totally free. Excuses are how we justify not permitting something to take place. Excuses are how we manage every year, doing the exact same things and getting no place.

The second thing that a financial obligation settlement company will take a look at is how much unSecured Debt you presently have. In most cases, you will certify if you owe over $10,000 dollars in financial obligation. Since Secured Debt can not be settled, they will not think about secured financial obligation. This is because the financial institution of financial obligation constantly has the alternative of reclaiming the product used as collateral and auctioning it off to collect that financial obligation. This, of course, isn’t the case with unsecured debts.

Customers with bad credit can likewise get these loans because there is a property attached to the loan. By eliminating all the debts with the assistance of the loans, borrower can enhance the credit rating.

Make a commitment. When you make a commitment, there is something very powerful that occurs. Put Your Commitment in Writing. When you are dedicated put it in writing, finalizing and dating the dedication you have actually made. Then take it a step further share it with a relied on buddy or close relative and inquire to help keep you responsible to your goal of being Debt Free.

Absence of recent revolving account details – There isn’t enough recent details on Revolving Debt to make a decision about what type payer you will be. If you don’t have any other credit cards, attempt getting a secured one and make timely payments for 6-12 months and then reapply. Pay as agreed for the very same amount of time and attempt once again if you do have other credit cards.

There are numerous methods to get financial flexibility and they all have their cons and pros. This is why you are always advised to see your financial standing and payment capabilities first before deciding on what to pursue. These options have differing impacts on your credit report, payment term length and the portion by which they can lower your outstanding balance.

If you aren’t cautious, Credit card financial obligation can ruin your life. This is why it is essential to remain on top of your debt so that over time you can leave it. This is the best way to improve it if you’re having problem with your credit rating. Merely eliminate a few cards and pay them totally off.

When the time comes, you will already have your pocket money. Rather, make timely payments for 6 months approximately. No matter how you choose you need to set about it, it is vital that those who require aid begin now!

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