Secured and Unsecured Credit Cards Explained

Published on November 19, 2021

Best overview related to debt Free Life, Steps Financial Freedom, Debt Relief Tips, and How to Buy Secured Debt, Secured and Unsecured Credit Cards Explained.

When I got my first credit, I made a very dumb decision that ended up costing me around $3,000, which is a lot of money when your 18 or 19
In this video I’m going to break down, the difference between getting a secured credit card and normal unsecured credit card.

Also going to break down the pros and cons between both of these types of cards could have saved me a ton of money.
Now before I continue to tell you the difference between both of these cards. Unsecured and secured

Remember, you don’t need to get into massive debt to build credit, and you don’t have to pay any interest either when your building credit. ( If someone tells you to have to, then consider that a red flag and they just want you to buy what they are selling)

Example, a car company, might tell you to buy a new car you build credit, its BS you don’t need all that debt.

Secured and Unsecured Credit Cards Explained

The Difference
Secured Credit Cards: Requires a Deposit, which then becomes your spending limit, and more than often, the credit card company doesn’t match it.
Unsecured Credit cards: Do not require a cash deposit, it’s a credit line giving to you by the bank.
Example: This Credit card is Secured, so to get a limit of 800 bucks I had to deposit 800 dollars, and yes you get it back at the end of usually 6month when they ask you if you want to be upgraded.
This credit card is unsecured: So they gave me a credit line by the bank, that was based on my credit score and my financial situation.

Pros unsecured ( normal credit card) My mistakes getting a 3k credit card to build credit
Better offers
Sign up bonus
Free travel
Build credit
Fix credit also
Establish credit
No security deposit
Lower interest rates depending on your credit score

Cons Unsecured (normal credit card)
Poor term if you have bad credit
If you don’t manage it correctly, it could set you bad years with your credit score and debt
Harder to get approved for
Lower limits

Secured Pros | My mom
A credit score doesn’t matter as much
Limit set by the amount of money you have ( with an unsecured they set the limit)
Low deposits, and usually no annual fee
Higher limits depending
Build credit
Fix credit
Establish credit

Cons Secured
Security deposits
Higher interest rate ( which is BS because you have a security deposit, but then again it is a higher risk for the companies, and you still won’t pay if you do it correctly)
A low limit on a credit line
Few rewards

Oh, and just get 1 or 2, you don’t need 50 cards to build your credit. Also, try to get credit cards you plan on upgrading. For example, you can upgrade from a discover it secured card to a normal discover it card.




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How to Buy Secured Debt

How to Buy Secured Debt, Secured and Unsecured Credit Cards Explained.

Financial Obligation Counseling For Your Future

There are 2 kinds of financial obligation the protected and unsecured loan. Management, relief and debt consolidation all provide some type of option to your credit issues. An individual does not require to take a trip down this road alone.

Secured and Unsecured Credit Cards Explained, Get latest high definition online streaming videos related to How to Buy Secured Debt.

Credit Card Debt Settlement Negotiation Tips

Oh, oh, that is just what I said it is coming out of the pockets of the citizen. According to Nielsen report of April 2009 the average exceptional balance owed to lenders is $10,638.

So, you are looking for a debt management company. Let us initially get some fundamentals right. You might have seen advertisements about protected debt consolidation and unsecured debt combination. In a secured debt consolidation the transaction is backed by a security. So when you choose a secured debt combination you do not accumulate extra debt.

So we understand that having unSecured Debt is not such a bad thing when compared to Secured Debt, however how do we go about lowering removing it. Well, the single most effective approach is through financial obligation settlement.

These kinds of loans are secured in nature just like other secured loans. A safe loan means that an individual has to supply collateral while taking the loan. The person who has to take the loan needs to promise collateral; the collateral can be his private property etc.

Oh, oh, that is simply what I stated it is coming out of the pockets of the resident. Who would have thought that the public would be paying off the financial obligation of individuals that they don’t even know? Ouch, that hurt. Don’t misery now, everything is going to be all right. Those in charge know just what they are doing and they plan to keep right on doing it. They are handing out totally free cash to those that they believe deserve it. Free federal government grants for debt relief are meant to make life simpler for a selected couple of by providing an easy way of becoming Debt Free.

Lack of current revolving account info – There isn’t sufficient current information on Revolving Debt to make a decision about what type payer you will be. If you do not have any other credit cards, try getting a secured one and make timely payments for 6-12 months and then reapply. If you do have other credit cards, pay as agreed for the exact same amount of time and try again.

This might sound strange to you however you can’t have excellent credit without debt! It’s not possible. Not with the way our present credit system is set up. Your credit report is basically a record of the loans/credit you have been given. Your credit rating is a number representing how well you have actually dealt with those loans. Since you enter into debt when you take credit or get loans, your credit score is a reflection of how well you have actually handled financial obligation. A high rating means you are good at dealing with debt (up previously that is).

There is a substantial misunderstanding that credit is the only way to get the things we want and require out of life. Individuals are over spending and living beyond their methods. I’m not stating that you should not want great things, but you should not offer your soul to get them. $10,000 in credit card debt could easily a 10-15 year duty if you allow it to be. I want you to see in your mind’s eyeborrowing $100.00 however repaying $1000.00 sounds crazy right? Well that’s why you require a debt complimentary service.

The payment strategy must assist you to pay off the priority loans easily. Management, relief and debt consolidation all offer some kind of service to your credit issues. Make your Revolving Debt payments ahead of schedule.

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