Funding: Personal Guarantee vs Unsecured

Published on September 9, 2022

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Need capital?

Business Credit

Are you an agent, wholesaler, truck driver, business owner, or young professional struggling to get multi-unit rentals because they don’t exist in your market or way too expensive? Or maybe you’re getting single family rentals but deep down u know u can do better..

Here’s some real advice:
I’m Juan Pablo & I’m an investor who currently makes $20k/mo & bought 72 rentals since 2010 while living in NYC

When I look at the real estate market today in the midst of a pandemic, I see 3 problems that are widespread & suffocating most investors from scaling up their rentals:

1) Mindset

Most investors aren’t “investors”. They are glorified landlords who do everything from collecting rent, changing locks, driving for dollars, evicting, cleaning, & only using their life savings to buy properties. Or, they are flippers who buy low & sell high but have not truly “invested” being that they own zero assets that produce passive income. They are self-employed – trading their hrs for $$ w/o focusing on building the systems & teams needed to acquire multi-unit rentals like true real estate entrepreneurs. If you want to make serious money as an investor & not get burned-out, then you MUST have systems & teams in place to buy multi-units since they are the fastest way to financial freedom

2) No repeatable way to generate dealflow in good markets:

Most investors operate by what I call “Jingle-Jingle”. It goes like this: 8AM they sit down at their desk, rub their hands together, & pray to God that today the phone jingles & somebody will contact them with some deals. They pray some agent they met last week will call them with a cash-flowing deal or hope a motivated seller (who saw their bandit sign) will call them about a deal of a lifetime. There’s no proven process for consistent dealflow even though they watched a 1000 youtube videos – still in the same “deal-less” position they were in a 1yr ago. They operate their real estate on a hope & a prayer wishing that a good deal will fall into their lap 1 day. Or, they get frustrated & say real estate investing doesn’t work since they wrote 3 offers on a deal & zero got accepted. This person doesn’t have multi-unit listings in their market &/or they don’t know how to locate cash-flowing multi-units in other markets that are safe, affordable, with good returns

If you want to be a rockstar real estate investor you MUST have a consistent, proven method to reliably generate dealflow on demand

3) No predictable way to convert offers into fully executed contracts:
Most investors change their approach w/ every new deal that arrives in their inbox. They operate “off the cuff” & draft new things in the contract w/ little regard to what has & hasn’t worked in the past. They entertain buying single families, residential, commercial, etc with no automated way of funding these deals. As a result, they get to the point of going back to square one – still not having a deal under contract. They have no idea how many deals they need to analyze in order to close on 1 & (once again) operate their business & families destiny with hope & not certainty

If you want to make good money as an investor you must have a proven, repeatable process to receive dealflow. You cannot have cash-flow w/o dealflow

Are you making any of these 3 mistakes?

The truth is that if you’re making just 1 of these mistakes then you have a hobby. The landscape is changing & there’s no room for hustling anymore – you must treat real estate investing as a business so you can be financially free. A new class of real estate investor has risen & is unforgiving – this person is taking your deals & eating your cashflow for lunch

If you don’t change your ways you won’t obtain freedom. However, if you want to change your ways & join the winning side of real estate investing in this new landscape then..

I Have Good News!

I just put together a training which shows you exactly how I started my real estate investing biz from scratch & grew it to $20k/mo from age 26 to 30

Here’s what you’ll discover, How to:
1) Find the money for your multi-unit deals so you can have this on repeat
2) Find & analyze multi-unit rentals in profitable markets
3) Discover how many rentals you need in your portfolio to Quit Your Job

This free training has created 7 financially free real estate investors in the past 4 yrs alone & has the power & potential to do the same for you

You can register here for free:

It’s a new world out there today & I can give you the tools to fight off this new breed of real estate investor who has been unapologetic for taking your deals; however, if you don’t do anything about it please remember in 6 mo time your hopes of 1 day becoming financially free would be nothing more than that – hope

How Much Unsecured Debt Is Too Much

How Much Unsecured Debt Is Too Much, Funding: Personal Guarantee vs Unsecured.

How To Accomplish A Comfy Level Of Debt Relief

So try to settle the loans which have higher interest rates. Devote an area of your budget plan for settling financial obligations. Some individuals nevertheless, believe the other method round.

Funding: Personal Guarantee vs Unsecured, Enjoy trending full length videos relevant with How Much Unsecured Debt Is Too Much.

The Primary Steps Towards Ending Up Being Debt Free

Now, you should constantly put a bit of money away for those emergency situation events. Something as simple as an inaccurate credit limit might be injuring you. Make today the start of something new, interesting and BIG.

Utilized cars and trucks can be a part of a frugal lifestyle. In fact, some economists who focus on helping their followers become financial obligation free supporters only buy pre-owned vehicles for cash. Owing money is like having actually an anchor connected to your ankle and dragging it around. One false relocation, and you could fall under the ocean of expenses and sink.

So we understand that having unSecured Debt is not such a bad thing when compared to Secured Debt, but how do we go about decreasing removing it. Well, the single most reliable method is through debt settlement.

They don’t have assistance. Having financial obligation issues resembles having psychological illness. It exists however nobody wishes to talk about it. And the majority of do not know where to turn to.

When it comes to your objectives in life, make resign Debt Free priority one. Numerous specialists will tell you to list your debts by rates of interest with the highest rates of interest at the top. This does not work for most. You require to list all debts from smallest to largest and pay them in that order. Each time you pay one off you will have the inspiration to continue working towards ending up being Debt Free.

Make your Revolving Debt payments ahead of schedule. If you bring balances on a line of credit or credit card, do not wait until the due date. Make your payments a week or 2 in advance so that you are way ahead of the video game. This will not only remove the capacity for late payments and the effects thereof, however it will give you great comfort understanding that your financial obligations are paid ahead of time.

You might ask your lender for a forbearance period. This will give you no monthly payment for a time period, but the interest will still accrue on the debt.

It is likewise reality that personal loans debt consolidation is rarely effective. Consumers begin it with good objectives, but less than half succeed and ultimately end up either in debt settlement or bankruptcy. At that point, hard properties can be lost to default. Anybody considering this kind of combination owes it to themselves to check out all the programs readily available. In all possibility, something aside from debt consolidation may work and be far more effective in the long run. For the one monthly payment, there is more readily available than just financial obligation combination. The other approaches might be worth examining.

The outcome is the amount of money you should earmark each month for your Holiday Fund. We will likewise discuss how you can remove your credit card financial obligation later. Debt backed or protected by security.

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