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Before we began our debt free journey, there were things Brittany and I thought being debt free would be like, that it turned out being debt free wasn’t like.

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0:00 – Introduction
1:50 – Financial Responsibilities
3:17 – Amount of Money in Savings
4:14 – Work Responsibilities
6:44 – The End Goal

1) We’ have less financial responsibilities.
We thought that once all of our debt was paid off and we had less bills, we’d have less financial things to “worry” about. When we became debt free, we technically had less bills to pay, but those bills will be replaced with other things that were the “next steps” after becoming debt free. Things like Fully funding our emergency fund, Investing more of our income, Saving for a house, creating the future we want more quickly. If you’re following Dave Ramsey’s baby steps, becoming debt free is only the 2nd step. There are 5 more after.

2) We’d magically have more money.
I don’t know why I thought this. Logically it makes no sense to think that just because you’re debt free, you’ll automatically have more money in your bank account. The amount of money you have will still be based on your income, expenses, and how financially disciplined you are. You WILL, however, get to keep more of your money because you won’t have anything going out to payments.

3) We wouldn’t have to work as much.
Brittany and I had the idea that if we had $20-30k in the bank after becoming debt free, we wouldn’t have to work nearly as much. When you still have regular bills to pay, whatever money is in your emergency fund goes away quickly if you don’t have any income. If you don’t have income from passive sources like investments or other things, you’ll definitely have to keep working. You just won’t feel as pressured to stay at your job if you don’t like it.

4) Debt freedom was the end goal.
Most of these misconceptions can kind of be umbrella’d into this idea. Of course becoming debt free isn’t the end goal. It’s so easy to understand that looking from the outside in. But when you have a huge mountain of debt staring you in the face at the beginning, it’s difficult to think about anything else. Brittany and I got so caught up in the process of becoming debt free that we “lost sight of the forest due to the trees.” Even though we were following Dave Ramsey and we knew we were only on baby step 2 out of 7, this still happened.


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Is Being Debt Free Bad

Is Being Debt Free Bad, 4 BIGGEST DEBT FREE MISCONCEPTIONS – Things We Got TOTALLY Wrong Becoming Debt Free.

The Very Best Tips To Alleviate Debt

Nevertheless, if your credit history is bad then the terms may not be as favorable as with a great score. Or do you know just how much money you have left to invest this month? This is extremely important to get anywhere today.

4 BIGGEST DEBT FREE MISCONCEPTIONS – Things We Got TOTALLY Wrong Becoming Debt Free, Enjoy trending high definition online streaming videos about Is Being Debt Free Bad.

Self Aid – Financial Obligation Reduction Solutions

Some people nevertheless, believe the other method round. You must examine these alternatives before making choice for stating a bankruptcy. Numerous books and short articles have actually been composed to correct this.

Numerous consumers have actually badly cut back on costs as their incomes outlooks have ended up being cloudier. As just recently as 2008, studies revealed the average cardholder has 7.6 cards. Unfortunately, despite the fact that the costs has actually stopped, the debt built up in the last couple of years still needs to be paid off.

The very first thing you require to do is take a look at your debt. There are two type of financial obligation. Secured Debt is the first kind. Protected debt is financial obligation that is connected to security. This might be the loan on your home or vehicle. The second kind of debt is unsecured debt. This type of debt does not have collateral connected to it. This might be a credit card financial obligation or a student loan. When you examine your debt, what kind do you have? Do you have actually secured or unsecured. There is a fantastic option to your issue if you have unsecured financial obligation.

If any of those responsibilities can be turned into a financial obligation free scenario instantly, evaluate. To put it simply, can you get an equity loan to pay off your revolving credit? An equity loan may not appear like the very best relocation given that it is utilizing security on your home, which even more increases any home mortgage you have actually left; nevertheless, the rate of interest is typically much better. Any possibility you have to reduce your rate of interest and monthly payment, the simpler it will be to become debt complimentary.

Seems like a dream, but not many people retire Debt Free. I know a lot of elders in their late 60s and early 70s who have actually retired, but continue to work because they are not Debt Free for one factor or another. Generally easy credit and charge card are the problem. However the dream deserves pursuing. If you want and retire to take pleasure in things other than simply the capability to go to work, especially.

A good credit report isn’t almost financial obligation, but how well you handle it. Good credit is likewise developed when different type of debt are reported. House home loans or auto loan will assist enhance a credit history as long as they are managed well. Credit cards show a various kind of debt, Revolving Debt. The month-to-month payment amount differs with use. Managing charge card financial obligation is a fabulous way to enhance your credit rating. Improving a rating will spend some time. You will need to keep negatives out of your spending plan in order to see it go upward and onward.

There are many reasons for this. Over the last few years, you can blame your financial issues on the sudden financial slump. A great deal of customers were left unable to settle their debts since they were laid off from their long time tasks. Some consumers get so deep in debt because of a sudden illness. Another factor is extreme costs.

The truth is you will never become debt totally free unless you have the right path to successfully taking part in the bankruptcy process. This is why it is so crucial to deal with a genuine insolvency lawyer. This would just be the finest path to follow.

In current surveys from 2008 the typical balance increased 30.5% to approximately $7350.00. In case of the other smaller loans you can make the minimum payments up until you are all set to pay them off.

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